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About Libyan Group for Oil & Energy Services

A member of
the Whiba Holding

LIGOS is an Oil & Gas service company, it concentrates on providing professional engineering and construction expertise, as well as installation and maintenance supply services in the Oil & Gas sector. LIGOS is a member of the Whiba Holding and its main offices are located in Tripoli-Libya while storage facilities are available in Tripoli, Misurata and Benghazi.

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Description of our services

Our Services

Logistic Services

Providing technical logistic services.

Importing Equipments

Importing oil materials, equipment and devices.

Providing Expertise

Providing international engineers and expertise

Maintenance & welding

Maintenance and welding of pipes, packaging and drilling.

Maintenance of oil fields

Maintenance and cleaning of equipment and oil fields.

Implementing networks

Implementing oil and gas networks.

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